Japanese-language school in Osaka
Osaka International Language
9:00 - 18:00 Mon-Fri

Introduction of Osaka life

Student dormitory

Our school has student dormitory. It is convenient for going to school and locates really near to JR and Hanshin Nishikujo station. There are park, bookstore, convenience store and restaurants around dormitory and station. It locates in quiet and comfortable place. There are also police station and hospital. Even when it’s holiday, they have urgent care, so you can live without worries. We provide you bright and clean room.

Part time job

Studying is prior but you can use your time effectively for part time job. Time for job is 28 hours per week and during long holiday like summer holiday is 40 hours per week. Also, category of job is limited. Around school, there are many convenience stores or restaurants and you can access easily to Umeda or Namba area so, do not need to worry about working places. You can have leeway.

Our school locates in convenience place, Nishikujo!

Easy access to Umeda or Tennouji by JR loop line! To Kobe and Nara by Hanshin train and you can visit USJ only one line.

Traditional culture and comfortability live together in Osaka

Osaka has a lot of job opportunities, convenience accessibility, and high quality of living life. In addition to them, people in Osaka have humanity and there are nature and historical, and traditional culture places near you. Osaka evolves to more attractive town where makes you excited and protects traditional culture.

Experience Japanese culture with a dressing experience!

There are many places that have four seasons in the world but, you can feel changing of seasons sensitively in Japan.

Beautiful cherry blossoms bloom in spring, and you can also see the cherry blossoms

Also, Osaka is the town of food! You can meet many delicious gourmets here.
There are many attractive places both classic sightseeing spots where you can feel good old days and new places.

Our location is access easily to popular places which are Namba, Shinsaibashi, and Dotombori area. Convenient for job hunting and part time job.